What can I use Temporary Car Insurance For?

Whether borrowing a friend’s van to move house, test driving a privately selling car or need an extra driver for a journey? Temporary car insurance is the way to cover these scenarios.

Some of the most common uses of temporary car insurance:

Test drive insurance: You’ve seen a car for sale and would love to test drive it yourself, but because it’s a private sale you aren’t insured. One day car insurance is what you need here!

Additional driver insurance: You have friends from abroad staying with you for a week but can’t take the whole time off work. It would be great for them to have some independence during the day. The solution – get them weekly car insurance so they can drive your car and go off on their own day trips. It’s much cheaper than a hire car and much more convenient too.

Drive away insurance: You buy a car from a car supermarket, auction or private sale. You don’t want to rush into a 12 month contract, but want some time to investigate the best deals. One day car insurance will get you home legally, letting you investigate the best long term insurance options at leisure.

Classic car insurance: Your classic car is kept in your garage for most of the year, so what’s the best way of insuring it when you want to take it out for a weekend? Day or weekend insurance. It’s also a great way of letting a friend borrow your car.

New driver insurance: Having passed your test you don’t have a car yet, but your parents will lend you theirs for a weekend away to visit friends or go to a festival. There’s no need to be permanently added to their insurance, it’s much cheaper to take out temporary car insurance.

Temporary insurance for a vehicle in storage: Some vehicles just don’t need to be fully insured 52 weeks of the year. Whether it’s a motorhome or a classic car, temporary insurance may be the most economical way of covering your car for a holiday or a weekend just a day or a week at a time. This is also the perfect way for a friend or relative to borrow your vehicle.

Learner driver insurance: Your parents are happy to let you practise with them in their car, but the cost of adding you to their insurance is prohibitive. The best solution in this case is often temporary insurance, either for a day at a time, or a longer period such as a month.

Insurance for sharing the driving: You’re heading off for a weekend away with a friend. It’s a long journey so it would be nice to share the driving. The best way to do this? Temporary car insurance.

Motorhome insurance: if your motorhome is kept in storage for most of the year, it doesn’t need to be fully insured. Temporary car insurance, taken out just for your holiday is often the most economical way of insuring your vehicle.

Temporary van insurance: You’re moving house and can manage the move yourself, but it would save you a couple of trips if you could use your friend’s car to move all your stuff. One day insurance is the perfect way to cover you for this.

Emergency car insurance: Your car won’t start and you have an important appointment to get to later on the same day. Your friend is happy to lend you their car, so daily car insurance is a perfect solution.