How does short term car insurance work?


What do I need to get my insurance?

All you need are the following:

  • Your personal details – name, date of birth and address
  • Your driving details – license and history
  • The details of the car to be insured
  • The start date for the insurance

How does it work out in terms of price?

The price is worked out based on the number of days of cover you need and the car you want to be insured on. Therefore the total price is usually much lower than for an annual policy. If you only need to car to be insured for a small part of the year then it works out much cheaper. Click here for a quote to see for yourself.

Can I set it up in advance?

Yes, it can be arranged for a date of your choosing in advance or with immediate effect.

How do I receive documentation?

Proof of insurance will normally be emailed to you, so the best way to get proof of insurance is to print the email out.