Short Term Car Insurance

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  • Temporary car insurance cover from 1 to 28 days

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With Short Term Car Insurance you can:

  • Borrow a friend’s car when you move house
  • Lend your car to a visiting friend or relative
  • Share a long journey and drive a friend’s car in Europe
  • Borrow your parents’ car for a trip away or festival
  • Pick up a large piece of furniture in a friend’s van
  • Borrow a car, with the owner’s permission, and drive throughout Europe
  • Choose the length of time you need cover for, whether it’s for one day, one month or a weekly policy

Short Term Car Insurance is often the cheapest, easiest and best way for you to do this.

1 – 28 Day Car Insurance Features

  • Comprehensive 1 to 28 day car insurance cover for the UK or Europe
  • Temporary car insurance cover that won’t affect No Claims Discounts on any annual policy
  • Policies run from 1 to 28 days
  • Cover provided for ages 19-75

What does Temporary Car Insurance include?

  • Fully comprehensive accident insurance
  • Flexible policy length to suit your needs
  • Instant cover available

How does 1 – 28 Day Car Insurance Cover work?

1 – 28 Day Car Insurance works by giving you, the driver, your very own car insurance policy (short term) on the named car with the owner’s permission. As you’re not a named driver on the existing insurance policy, in the unfortunate situation that you need to make a claim, the claim will be on your short term policy, not the existing car owner’s policy, keeping the car owner no claims incident free.

What do you need to take out Short Term Car Insurance?

Driver details

You need the full personal details of the driver (title, name, address, marital status, date of birth, employment details) plus driving details (type of licence and length held, plus any claims or driving convictions).

Car details

The make, model and registration of the car you want to drive.

Length of cover

How many days you need cover for. Choose from 1 day cover, 2 or three day, or longer cover such as one week, two weeks or three weeks. You can select any length of time from 1-28 days.

Start Date

The date you want the cover to start. This can be to start immediately, or on a date to suit you.

Optional extras

Also available are additional products such as breakdown cover or European cover.

Am I eligible for 1 – 28 Day Car Insurance?

Most drivers will generally be covered, if they have held a full UK/ EU driving licence for a year or more. The ages of drivers covered is normally from 19-75.